Recap of the 1st Alchemy CMS User Group

Slides, background infos and more

We really enjoyed the first meetup with Alchemy developers and rails developers who were interested in a Ruby on Rails Content Management System with a different approach on how to handle content. 

What we learned from the first user group

Have a look at the slides to get more information. Aside from an Alchemy CMS overview we talked about the new "add element" feature we are implementing and which UX problems we need to solve before we can release Alchemy CMS 3.0 which we are planning on doing soon. 

We also talked about our Roadmap for Alchemy CMS and discussed features which are waiting on the wish list. For example we had an open discussion about a versioning feature and how it could be implemented. This is a big feature and we think that it is important for the success of Alchemy CMS.

We learned that the resources for Alchemy CMS are not yet properly collected. In response to that we created a Resources page at the Alchemy CMS website today. Please send us any links you find interesting and shareable for others. 

Slides from the first Alchemy CMS user group

Our wish to the community:

Get in touch with us! We would love to see your projects and talk about your best-practises. And we need help to develop Alchemy CMS even further and love contributors for Development, Documentation, Testing, Bug Reporting and Community Support. 

If you find any errors, please report them on GitHub. If you have any new feature requests please start a discussion in the Google user group or just send us an email. And don't forget to follow @alchemy_cms on Twitter. 

About the author: Moritz Scholz

Moritz Scholz (@moritzs) is the product manager at magic labs working close with our clients and supports the development teams as a product owner to get the best out of every product idea.

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